Accelerator A


Accelerator A is a resin modification agent capable of accelerating the polymerization reaction (curing).

Chemical Name


CAS No.: 38668-48-3
Molecular weight: 223.31

Physical characteristics

Appearance    Slightly yellow mass
Melting/freezing point 76-81° C
Solubility Freely soluble in water
Soluble in organic solvents

Main Applications

  • Polymer industry


  • EINECS No.: 254-075-1
  • REACH: n/a


Store in cool, dry conditions in well-sealed containers. Store only in the original container. Protect from heat and direct sunlight. Store container in a well ventilated position.

Recommended storage temperature: < 15°C.

Safety information

Acute Toxicity

For specific information on the safe handling of the product, please refer to the material safety data sheet (MSDS) which is available on request.