Our mother company, FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation, is based in Japan. In addition to our branch office in Germany, FUJIFILM Wako is also represented in Japan, the USA and China.

FUJIFILM Wako in Japan

Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd. is based in Osaka, Japan. In FY 2015/16 the company generated with over 1,500 employees revenues of € 613 million.
Since its foundation in 1922 Wako’s activities focus on providing high quality chemicals and reagents to contribute to the development of new technologies and products. Dedicated professionals are continuously working on developing innovative products that will drive forward the progress of academic research. 

Wako Pure Chemicals Industries, Ltd. supplies the Japanese as well as other Asian markets with its high purity chemicals and reagents.

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FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation

1-2 Doshomachi 3-Chome, Chuo-ku
Osaka 540-8605

Phone:   +81 6 6203 37 41
Fax:        +81 6 6222 12 03

FUJIFILM Wako in th​e USA

Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. was established in 1981 as second overseas subsidiary in order to expand Wako’s business activities in North and South America. The head office is located in Richmond, Virginia where Wako’s only production plant outside Japan is situated. Here the polymerization initiators V-50 and VA-044 are produced for the specialty chemicals business division.

Wako Chemicals USA, Inc.’s activities are divided into the three business divisions Laboratory Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals and LAL.

Wako Life Sciences, Inc. is located in Mountain View, California and comprises the Diagnostics business division for North and South America. Here Wako’s only R&D centre outside Japan is situated which focuses on microfluidic test systems for diagnostics.

Wako Automation USA, Inc. is located in San Diego, California and develops and markets automated systems and workstations for drug discovery and the life science market.

For further information, please visit Wako USA’s websites.

FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals U.S.A. Corporation

1600 Bellwood Road
Richmond, VA 23237

Phone:   +1 804 271 76 77
Fax:        +1 804 271 77 91


FUJIFILM Wako Diagnostics U.S.A. Corporation

1025 Terra Bella Ave. Suite A
Mountain View, CA 94043

Phone:   +1 650 210 91 53
Fax:        +1 650 210 91 70


Wako Automation USA, Inc.

11575 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite 207
San Diego, CA 92121

Phone:   +1 858 222 8904
Fax:        +1 858 222 8901

FUJIFILM Wako in China

Wako Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012 in order to expand Wako’s business activities in China. The overseas subsidiary supplies the fast-growing Chinese market with high purity chemicals and reagents.

Wako Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

C1-C2, 26F Junyao International Plaza
789 Zhaojiabang Road
Shanghai 200032

Phone:   +86 21 6407 0511
Fax:       +86 21 6445 8610