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Study results for the FUJIFILM Wako Beta-Glucan test presented as posters at the TIMM 2019 meeting

During the 9th convention Trends in Medical Mycology (TIMM) in Nice, France, on 11-14 October 2019 researchers from France and Ireland presented study results on FUJIFILM Wako's β-Glucan Test.

Guigue et al. compared the turbidimetric beta-D-glucan (BDG) assay (FUJIFILM Wako’s β-Glucan Test) to a colorimetric BDG assay for the diagnosis of invasive fungal infections, prospectively. 321 serum samples from 171 patients primarily with hematological background were tested using both assays in parallel. ROC curve analyses performed on both assays showed a highly similar overall diagnostic performance. The authors concluded that FUJIFILM Wako’s β-Glucan Test performed similar to the colorimetric assay when the lower cutoff of 4 pg/mL is applied. The assay can be used for single-sample testing with lower inter- and intra-run variability, which enables the effective management of patients.
Here you can download the poster (courtesy of Guigue et al.).

Hegarty et al. evaluated the FUJIFILM Wako β-Glucan Test (BDG) in patients with invasive aspergillosis (IA) and invasive candidiasis (IC). In total 41 tests were performed in 16 patients with the suspicion of IA, 13 potentially with IC and 12 without any diagnosis of fungal infection. Complete analyses were performed, including microbiological cultures, serum and/or bronchoalveolar lavage galactomannan, OLMTM lateral flow assay, staining, histological, radiological and clinical investigation. Sensitivity and specificity using the BDG assay for IA and IC were between 80 % and 100 %, with a cutoff of 7 pg/mL. In conclusion, the BDG test is considered a valuable diagnostic tool for the lab, because of its robustness, user friendliness and the option for single and sequential sample testing. By introducing the test to the lab, the authors expect a significant reduction of the test turn around time for the clinic and thus improved patient management.

Here you can download the poster (courtesy of Hegarty et al.).

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