About Wako

FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals Europe GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation, a world-renowned supplier of high purity chemicals and reagents based in Japan. The German subsidiary was established in 1974 in order to expand Wako’s business activities in Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

From our head office in Neuss, Germany, we supply our customers in the EMEA region with a wide range of high quality products of our three business divisions: Laboratory Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals and Clinical Diagnostic Reagents
In FY 2015/16 the company generated revenues of € 27 million.

Our Mission Statement /


Our aspiration is to contribute to the future of science and to meet research needs through continued excellence in technology and quality. As a research-driven company we focus on creating new value for our customers and are continuously engaged in the development of new technologies and products. By doing so, we hope to serve the well-being of our society.

History /


Takeda Pure Chemicals Ltd. was founded by establishing the chemical department of Takeda Chobei Shoten (the present Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited) as an independent company.


Takeda Pure Chemicals Ltd. was renamed Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd.


Wako Chemicals GmbH was established as the first overseas subsidiary of Wako Pure Chemicals Industries, Ltd. in order to market the products from our three business divisions in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


The head office of Wako Chemicals GmbH moved from Düsseldorf to Neuss. At the new company site a manufacturing plant for diagnostic reagents and hydrogen peroxide started operations.


A new and bigger manufacturing plant was built in Neuss-Hafen and started operations.


The plant in Neuss-Hafen was closed down due to restructuring measures and the production of diagnostic reagents was transferred to Japan.


Wako Pure Chemicals Industries, Ltd. was acquired by FUJIFILM Corporation.