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Hyaluronic acid LT

Hyaluronic Acid is the best marker to date serially assessing liver cirrhosis. Serum concentration of HA is consistent with stage of fibrosis, and also decreases with a response to interferon therapy in patients with HCV chronic infection.
Hyaluronic Acid LT is a test kit for the quantitative determination of hyaluronic acid based on the latex agglutination method, and this method can be applied to general clinical chemistry analyzers.

Product Name
(Approx. number of tests*)
Code No. Method Packing Size Storage
Hyaluronic acid LT For In Vitro Diagnostic Use
For the quantitative determination of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in serum or plasma
Hyaluronic Acid LT
992-71185 TIA
R1: 2 x 15 mL
R2: 2 x 6 mL
2 - 10°C **
2 - 10°C **
* depends on the type of analyzer   ** do not freeze

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